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Posted on December 4, 2020 by aliaschafer on Production

Still Alive Production

A song dedicated to the culture, entertainment and horeca sectors.

A tribute to all these enthusiasts who work daily to make us experience beautiful emotions. Thanks to all those beautiful places who welcomed us warmly. Despite current difficult times, solidarity, creativity are going on and will never die. I hope you will feel same emotions by watching this video, as we felt by shooting. Together we are stronger. Together we are #stillalive.


Title: Still Alive
Production: Milo Savic
Video Clip: Thomas Basteels
Lyrics: Caroline Hakim
Vocal: Caroline Hakim
Recording: Renato Marquez
Violin: Renato Marquez
Composision: Alia Schafer
Mix: Alia Schafer
Mastering: Alia Schafer


RTBF Tarmac
La Capitale
Derniere Heure
MSN News
Vivre Ici
FUN Radio

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