Alia Schafer | Sound Design

About Me

Born in Brussels, studied and worked in London. I am passionate about sound design, visuals and art photography. I work with full of energy and concentration. I have academic knowledge in music technology and audio production with over 15 years of professional experience in facilities and equipment for studio, live and on-location. My production and communication skills are strong as I have built relationships with artists and musicians during most of my career.

About Blog

I work abundant hours in my studio and I push myself to write a blog about a few things surrounding my work and life style to alter with my work cycles. I chase the envy to compose music, to live happy moments, to capture interesting places and to digg old photographs from archives by resurrecting my favourite ones through digital treatment. On my web page you can find a variety of projects and experimentations surrounding the aspect of audio engineering but also other creative productivities.