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Posted on October 30, 2016 by aliaschafer on Travel

Ship Modeler in Skopelos

During my summer holidays I sailed with friends around the Island of Skopelos in the Sporades Islands. When we arrived at the harbour of Skopelos I took my camera and went adventuring myself in the small backstreets of the village.

After having photographed a few streets towards the mountain I saw this powerful light that was coming out of a house windows near the little main square up the hill. I walked towards the house and through the window and saw an old man working on ship models as I was taking photos. The old man turned around and told me to come in. I soon realised more in details what peace of work he was building and using his tools with the finest precision and delicacy. He explained to me that he moved to Greece two decades ago and started to build ship models ever since as he got fascinated with historical vessels of all times. It took him around a year to finish the biggest ship model in his shop.











If you are more interested about Danos work you can contact him directly by calling him on the following number: