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Posted on February 4, 2016 by aliaschafer on Production

Radio Blues Live Recording and Filming

Radio Blues is a new joint of musicians based in Brussels that play live around the local area of St-Gilles.

We’ve set up, with a minimum of equipment, at the Herman Cafe in St-Gilles, Brussels to record the band through an analogue semi-pro live Yamaha desk and send the audio signal into the 5D camera with which we filmed the session. The song is a cover interpretation entitled “Got Nobody to Love” recorded for the first time in 1951 by Terry Timmons and Memphis Slim under RCA.







Production: Daphne Svanias
Video Clip: Alia Schafer
Drums: Daphne Svanias
Vocals: Daphne Svanias
Harmonica: Bertrand Werbrouck
Fabien Portejoie: Piano
Recording: Alia Schafer
Mixing: Alia Schafer
Mastering: Alia Schafer
Photos: Hara Kaminara

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