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Posted on September 14, 2015 by aliaschafer on Travel

Slides from Far East 1975

Sure many thing have changed since in these countries. Hopefully less poverty. But one thing that can still be seen is the cultural work force of India, the beauty of Nepal and the architecture of the mosques in Pakistan.

India 1975

india1975-3 india1975-4 india1975-5 india1975-6 india1975-7 india1975-8 india1975-9 india1975-10 india1975-11 india1975-12 india1975-13 india1975-14 india1975-15 india1975-16

Nepal 1975

nepal1975-1 nepal1975-2 nepal1975-3 nepal1975-4 nepal1975-5 nepal1975-6 nepal1975-7 nepal1975-8 nepal1975-9 nepal1975-10 nepal1975-11 nepal1975-12 nepal1975-13 nepal1975-14 nepal1975-15 nepal1975-16

Pakistan 1975

pakistan1975-1 pakistan1975-2 pakistan1975-3 pakistan1975-4 pakistan1975-5 pakistan1975-6 pakistan1975-7 pakistan1975-8 pakistan1975-9 pakistan1975-10 pakistan1975-11 pakistan1975-12pakistan1975-13

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