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Posted on July 23, 2015 by aliaschafer on Travel

Slides from Middle East 1967

The middle east hides the most interesting conquers of human history. Dramatical cultural changes have taken place and still are. Those are the changes that can be observed in 1967.

Iran 1967

iran1967-3 iran1967-4 iran1967-5 iran1967-6 iran1967-7 iran1967-8 iran1967-9 iran1967-10 iran1967-11 iran1967-12 iran1967-13 iran1967-14 iran1967-15 iran1967-16

Irak 1967

iraq1967-1 iraq1967-2 iraq1967-3 iraq1967-4 iraq1967-5 iraq1967-6 iraq1967-7 iraq1967-8

Turkey 1967

turkey1967-10 turkey1967-12 turkey1967-13 turkey1967-14 turkey1967-15turkey1967-16

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