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Posted on April 14, 2012 by aliaschafer on Production

Heart Attack Recording

Belgian band Carnichon recording session in London

Cornichon was born in London in 2012. Milan Metthey (French) and Michael Sfyroeras (Greek) reunited from school to produce a sound they love and couldn’t find anywhere else. After a few months of getting used to work together I have recorded their first EP!












Title: Heart Attack, Bored of Gold, Rogue, Jackpot
Production: Alia Schafer
Video Clip: Milan Metthey
Lyrics: Milan Metthey, Michael Sfyroeras
Synth: Milan Metthey
Guitar: Michael Sfyroeras, Jeremie Mairesse
Drums: Alia Schafer
Recording: Alia Schafer
Composision: Milan Metthey, Michael Sfyroeras
Mix: Alia Schafer
Mastering: Alia Schafer

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Recorded in London at Westminter University (School of Arts)